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From Kazuo Shiokawa (shiokawa at nagoya-u.jp)

SCOSTEP's VarSITI (Variability of the Sun and Its Terrestrial Impact, 2014-2018)

VarSITI Newsletter volume 18 has now been published.  The PDF file is available at 
Below are the contents of this volume.  

Contents of VarSITI Newsletter Volume 18

1. EISCAT_3D Radar for Studies of the Polar Ionosphere and Magnetosphere
2. Solar Wind Research with Solar Orbiter and Parker Solar Probe: Data Tools, Models and Strategies
3. Towards Trusted Data Services: World Data System & Certification
4. An Introduction on ISEST (International Study of Earth-Affecting Solar Transients) Working Group on Solar Energetic Particles

Highlights on Young Scientists
1. Gunter Stober/ Germany, Canada
2. Sneha Yadav/ India
3. Ashley Greeley/ USA

Meeting Reports
1. The 8th Workshop on VLF/ELF Remote Sensing of Ionospheres and Magnetospheres (VERSIM)
2. 41st Annual Seminar “Physics of the Auroral Phenomena”
3. 4th International ANGWIN Workshop: Exploration of the High-latitude Upper Atmosphere Wave Dynamics
4. 10th Workshop on Long-term Changes and Trends in the Atmosphere
5. Tenth Workshop “Solar Influences on the Magnetosphere, Ionosphere and Atmosphere”
6. VI International Conference "Atmosphere, Ionosphere, Safety" (AIS-2018)
7. DKIST Critical Science Plan Workshop 5

Upcoming Meetings

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