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TESS Session: Heliophysics and the Deep Space Gateway

We invite your contribution to the session “Heliophysics and the Deep Space Gateway” (https://agu.confex.com/agu/2018tess/preliminaryview.cgi/Session40552)
at The Triennial Earth–Sun Summit that will be held on May 20-24, 2018 at the Lansdowne Resort and Spa in Leesburg, VA (https://connect.agu.org/tess2018/home).

Session Description:
This session provides a forum to articulate the heliophysics science that is enabled by the near-lunar NASA Deep Space Gateway (DSG) platform. Contributions are encouraged that describe investigations on, deployed from, and operated from the DSG. Investigations that include remote sensing, that include in situ observations, that require crew attention, and that are conducted on the lunar surface are appropriate for this session. Inputs from this session will serve to better inform NASA as it develops the DSG platform for science and space exploration.

Session conveners: Barbara Giles (barbara.giles at nasa.gov), James Spann (jim.spann at nasa.gov), and Elsayed Talaat (elsayed.r.talaat at nasa.gov)

Abstract submission deadline: February 20, 2018

The Triennial Earth-Sun Summit (TESS) is a joint meeting of the Space Physics and Aeronomy Section of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) and the Solar Physics Division (SPD) of the American Astronomical Society.
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