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Miller, Ethan S. Ethan.Miller at jhuapl.edu
Mon Jan 29 07:59:58 MST 2018


JHU/APL has several internship programs for students.  Of particular interest to CEDAR students in atmospheric, space, and planetary science and related fields who wish to focus on basic research, we have the APL NASA Intern Program for rising sophomores through PhD students (reference Fall term 2018).  This program requires U.S. citizenship and a good academic record.  The APL NASA internship program is more like an REU (NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates program) than a standard internship in that it provides housing and meals, as well as special intern activities (usually including a complete space mission design activity) in addition to the research project. 

If this is intriguing, you can learn more here:


At least one of the projects (mine) is highly relevant to CEDAR science!  But, there are several that may interest students in the CEDAR program more broadly.

Other JHU/APL internship programs of interest may be found here as well, but will likely include more engineering and applications than basic research:


I’ll be happy to answer questions if you have them.  One question I always get when we post opportunities to the CEDAR list is:  Do you have anything for non-U.S. citizens?  Unfortunately, the answer at the moment is no.

Thank you for the bandwidth and maybe we’ll see a couple of CEDAR students this summer.


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