CEDAR email: TESS Session Announcement

Mlynczak, Martin G. (LARC-E302) m.g.mlynczak at nasa.gov
Tue Jan 23 13:07:12 MST 2018

Dear Colleagues:

We would like to solicit your contribution to the Triennial Earth-Sun Summit and the session entitled “Solar Variability Effects on the Terrestrial Atmosphere From Days to Decades.”

The main focus of this session is to examine the influence of solar variability on the terrestrial atmosphere on time scales from days to decades.  The differing short-term responses to flares, CMEs, the solar wind, and resulting geomagnetic storms and substorms in terms of energy budget, chemistry and dynamics, including tidal variability are all topics of interest.  Additional areas to be considered are the thermosphere and lower atmosphere response over several solar cycles. Papers describing the effects of solar variability and space weather on the evolution and habitability of terrestrial-like exoplanets around active stars are also solicited.

We look forward to receiving your abstract and to seeing you in Leesburg in May!

Marty Mlynczak, NASA Langley
Linda Hunt, SSAI

Abstract Deadline: February 20, 2018

TESS Conference website: https://connect.agu.org/tess2018/home

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