CEDAR email: Session IAC3.2 Trends in the entire atmosphere, including anthropogenic aspects at SCOSTEP 14th Quadrennial Solar-Terrestrial Physics Symposium

Katya kgeorg at bas.bg
Mon Jan 22 22:00:18 MST 2018

This session focuses on numerical and observational studies of changes in
the entire atmosphere (troposphere to exosphere) that occur on timescales
from a decade to centuries. Of interest are studies that focus on the
detection and attribution of atmospheric variability that is of solar and
anthropogenic origin, e.g., solar cycle changes in irradiance and
energetic particles and increases in greenhouse gases and ozone depleting
substances. Submissions are particularly encouraged that examine how the
response to these drivers of long-term variability in one atmospheric
layer propagates upwards or downwards to other layers.

D. Marsh, F.-J. Lübken, T. Nakamura, K. Georgieva

Lead Conveners
D. Marsh, K. Georgieva

Dates and venue:
July 9-13, 2018, Toronto Canada

abstract submission deadline:
February 15, 2018

meeting web-site: http://www.scostepevents.ca/

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