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Dear Colleagues,
The 15th Annual Meeting of the Asia-Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS-2018) will take place from 03 to 08 JUNE, 2018 at Honolulu, Hawaii,

Information on the program, meeting organization and ABSTRACT SUBMISSION procedure can be found on the AOGS-2018 meeting website:

http://www.asiaoceania.org/aogs2018/public.asp?page=home.htm <http://www.asiaoceania.org/aogs2018/public.asp?page=home.htm>

We would like to inform you that abstract submission deadline is on 19 January 2018.

We very strongly encourage you to submit an abstract for an ORAL and/or a poster presentation in Atmospheric Sciences(AS) section, in the AS16 Session on "Exploration and Science of the Earth’s Lower and Middle Atmosphere: Past, Present and Future Perspectives”

Details of this session are enclosed below.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Shikha Raizada
Arecibo Observatory/SRI


Section: AS – Atmospheric Sciences

Session: AS16

Session Title: "Exploration and Science of the Earth’s Lower and Middle
Atmosphere: Past, Present and Future Perspectives”

Session Description: The Earth’s atmosphere is unique and controlled by
multitude of complex processes. Its proper exploration with view to
understand complexity of the processes, which are taking place all the
time, is very much needed. The study of the atmosphere is not only to see
their effects on the weather and climate but also to have a better
understanding regarding changes in the different regions and coupling
among them. This session will focus on the concepts of interdisciplinary
and general studies of lower and middle atmosphere and coupling
(dynamical, radiative and chemical) between them. Session will focus on
study of the atmosphere, coupling process, atmospheric dynamics,
variations in atmospheric constituents and layers. Issues and studies
based on the dynamics of atmospheric boundary layer will also play an
important role in this session. The Earth’s lower-middle atmospheric
exploration tools and technique including instrument development for
ground base studies and on-board deployment for space born observations,
will also be covered in this session. Studies based on development of
various remote sensing instruments and challenges involved in bringing up
instruments will also be part of this session. Scientific works based on
the modelling activities of the Earth’s atmosphere and its comparison with
ground-based (Lidar, Radar, Photometers, Spectrometers, etc.,) and
satellite observations will also be involved. Session will include studies
on atmospheric dynamics, cloud characteristics, Aerosols, newer
instruments and techniques developments. This session will also involve
the studies based on computer simulations using different atmospheric
regional as well as global models such as, weather research forecast (WRF)
and numerical weather forecast (NWP), Global Forecast System (GFS), etc.,
to demonstrate and unravel complex atmospheric processes. Techno-science
driven studies and learning techniques (a mix of science and technology)
on above mentioned themes will also be included.

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