CEDAR email: Reminder of abstract due date and TIGER Scientific Event at COSPAR-2018

Frank Eparvier Frank.Eparvier at lasp.colorado.edu
Wed Jan 10 09:55:01 MST 2018

Dear Colleague,

This is a reminder that the abstract due date for this summer’s COSPAR Assembly in Pasadena, California is coming up on February 9th. We’d like to encourage you to submit to the Scientific Event COSPAR-18-C1.2: Recent Advances in the Thermospheric-Ionospheric-Geospheric Research (TIGER) Program. Please see https://www.cospar-assembly.org for the full details of abstract submission and registration.

The Thermospheric-Ionospheric-Geospheric Research (TIGER) program was established in 1998 with the objective of obtaining a better quantitative understanding of the variable solar ultraviolet, extreme-ultraviolet, and X-ray irradiance and its effects on the upper atmosphere. Of particular interest for the COSPAR 2018 meeting are the effects of solar irradiance variabilities on the global network of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers. These effects play an important role on space weather and applications. Measurements of solar spectral irradiance and their interpretation, development of solar irradiance models and thermosphere-ionosphere models that capture variability at all time scales from solar cycle to solar rotation to sub-daily and flare variations, and comparison to upper atmosphere and ionosphere measurements, are also of key interest to this event, particularly as they might shed light on issues of thermospheric cooling vs. solar irradiance variation during solar minima.

Ludger Scherliess (Main Scientific Organizer)
Frank Eparvier (Deputy Organizer)
Frank Eparvier, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scientist
Laboratory for Atmospheric & Space Physics
University of Colorado, Boulder
eparvier at colorado.edu<mailto:eparvier at colorado.edu>

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