CEDAR email: CEDAR Grand Challenge Workshop: MLT-X: Frontiers in Science and Sensing

Jeffrey P Thayer Jeffrey.Thayer at colorado.edu
Wed May 31 10:22:44 MDT 2017

Dear CEDAR Attendees,

We invite your participation in the 2-hour CEDAR Grand Challenge Workshop: MLT-X: Frontiers in Science and Sensing to be held Friday (June 23) from 10-12pm in the Redcloud & Shavano room - see workshop link here<http://cedarweb.vsp.ucar.edu/wiki/index.php/2017_Workshop:GC_MLTX_Frontiers>.
This workshop is dedicated to understanding plasma-neutral coupling and wave- and turbulence-induced transport that play major roles in establishing the structure, composition and circulation of the upper atmosphere, with particular focus on the 80-200 km altitude region. This is the final year of the four-year GC workshop which was, in part, responsible for spawning the May, 2016 NSF-sponsored workshop EXPLORING THE GEOSPACE FRONTIER: QUO VADIS?. The report from this workshop can be found here<https://www2.hao.ucar.edu/sites/default/files/users/sheryls/QuoVadisWorkshopReport.pdf>. This workshop will seek to advance the science questions and the sensing methods, discussed in past GC MLT-X workshops and at the Quo Vadis meeting, needed to improve understanding and observation of the 80-200 km region. We need input from the CEDAR community and hope you can attend and participate.

As one of the last workshops of the CEDAR 2017 meeting, we will draw from the several workshop activities occurring earlier in the week that overlap with this Grand Challenge.  Also, Jeff Thayer will provide a plenary tutorial on plasma-neutral interactions in the MLT-X (80-200 km altitude region) to setup the workshop discussion to follow.

Looking forward to seeing you all at CEDAR and the workshop.

Jeff Thayer
Dave Hysell
Josh Semeter

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