CEDAR email: New Call for Ideas for Swarm satellite data products and services

David Knudsen knudsen at ucalgary.ca
Sun May 7 10:41:20 MDT 2017

New Call for Ideas for Swarm satellite data products and services

A second call has been issued to solicit ideas for new data products and services for the European Space Agency's Swarm satellite constellation mission.

The three Swarm satellites have provided almost 3.5 years of data for the best-ever survey of Earth's geomagnetic field and associated plasma environment. The first ESA call for new ideas published in May 2016 yielded 29 submissions, so far resulting in four Invitations To Tender published by the Swarm Data Innovation and Science Cluster (Swarm DISC).

This second call is directed at further enhancing the return on investment of Swarm – even beyond its nominal mission. New concepts may be based on Swarm data only, and/or merged with data from other satellites or ground-based measurements that will support Swarm.

This call is not targeting scientific research, but rather the operational implementation of data products or services that will facilitate further scientific outcome of the mission.

Interested individuals or groups are encouraged to study the details of the call at:
http://www.space.dtu.dk/english/Research/Projects/Project-descriptions/Swarm/Swarm_DISC_Second_Call_for_Ideas <http://www.space.dtu.dk/english/Research/Projects/Project-descriptions/Swarm/Swarm_DISC_Second_Call_for_Ideas>

Please submit new Swarm product/service ideas by May 29th 2017, via email to swarm_disc_CFI at space.dtu.dk <mailto:swarm_disc_CFI at space.dtu.dk>.

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