CEDAR email: 2017 CEDAR workshop on Radar and optical observations

Jens Lautenbach jlautenbach at naic.edu
Fri May 5 13:29:59 MDT 2017

Dear Colleagues,

We cordially invite you to the CEDAR workshop "Using Radar and optical 
observations for studying the Earth's upper atmosphere at low and mid 
This session will focus on new results from incoherent scatter radars, 
lidars and imagers to investigate coupling between different atmospheric 
regions and the influence of space weather events. We encourage you to 
submit papers to our session and look forward to your participation.
Conveners: Shikha Raizada, Jens Lautenbach, Qihou Zhou, Christiano Brum, 
Carlos Martinis

Best Regards


Dr. Jens Lautenbach

Arecibo Observatory / SRI International
Space & Atmospheric Sciences
HC-3 BOX 53995
Arecibo, Puerto Rico 00612

787-878-2612 ext. 252


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