CEDAR email: AGU Fall 2017 Session: Geospace Research from Polar Environments (SM025)

Andrew Gerrard gerrard at njit.edu
Thu Jul 20 09:57:29 MDT 2017

AGU Fall 2017 Session: Geospace Research from Polar Environments (SM025)
From: Hyomin Kim, Andrew Gerrard, Alex Chartier, Michael Hartinger (hmkim at njit.edu)

Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to submit an AGU abstract the co organized (SM/AE/S/SA/SH sections) session on "Geospace Research from Polar Environments".

SM025: Geospace Research from Polar Environments

Session ID#: 24131

Session Description:
The uniqueness of polar regions for conducting geospace research has been acknowledged for decades.  This is because instrumentation located at high-latitudes allows access to a natural laboratory for studying the Earth?s atmosphere, its space environment, and solar-generated interplanetary structures.  Such research includes the study of aurora, induced electrical currents, space weather, geomagnetic fields, ionospheric processes, temperature and winds in the neutral atmosphere, and atmospheric waves, all of which improve our understanding of the mechanisms which couple solar processes to the terrestrial environment.  This session solicits papers on recent advances in space physics and aeronomy focusing on the polar regions. Inter-hemispheric and conjugacy studies, as well as studies incorporating polar observations in the global context, are also welcome due to the advancement in these fields in recent years.

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