CEDAR email: AGU Fall Meeting Session SA015: Dynamic Interactions Between the thermosphere and Ionosphere

Wenbin Wang wbwang at ucar.edu
Mon Jul 17 09:17:12 MDT 2017

Dear Colleagues

We would like to invite you to submit an abstract to our session: "SA015:
Dynamic Interactions Between the thermosphere and Ionosphere" at the 2017
AGU Fall meeting.


*Session ID#: * 24507
Session Description:
The ionosphere and thermosphere are a dynamic, nonlinear and closely
coupled system. Changes in the thermosphere, including winds, temperature
and composition, have profound effects on all regions of the ionosphere,
and vise versa, through chemical, momentum and energy coupling. This
session focuses on recent advances in understanding the structures of the
thermosphere and the ionosphere and their variations on various spatial and
temporal scales under both disturbed and quiet conditions. Particular
emphasis will be placed on storm-time neutral dynamic effects,
electrodynamic effects, ion-neutral coupling processes that lead to various
variations, as well as topside ionospheric characteristics. We will also
address the upper atmosphere climatology including variations on global and
local scales with solar cycle, season and local time. We welcome
presentations based on in-situ and ground-based observations and data
assimilation as well as numerical models.


Wenbin, Alan, Yongliang and Shunrong
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