CEDAR email: IRI session during URSI 2017 – Call for Abstracts - DEADLINE: Jan 30

Bilitza, Dieter (GSFC-672.0)[GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY] dieter.bilitza-1 at nasa.gov
Sun Jan 22 09:58:17 MST 2017

We invite abstracts for the Commission G session “International Reference Ionosphere – Improvement, Validation, and Usage” that will be held during the URSI General Assembly in Montreal, Canada this Aug 19-26, 2017 (http://www.ursi2017.org/). 

The Abstract deadline is MONDAY, January 30.
The website for Abstract submission is at http://www.ursi2017.org/side_program/scientific_program/call_for_submissions_e.shtml

Session Description: The URSI/COSPAR International Reference Ionosphere (IRI) is an empirical model built on a large volume of space- and ground-based data, with modelling and improvement inputs from a working group of over 60 international experts, representing the ground and space observations communities. This session invites talks and posters that report on improvements, validation, and usage of the IRI model. The IRI model represents spatial and temporal variations of electron density, ion composition, electron temperature, and ion temperature in the altitude range from 50km to 2000km. Additional parameters include total electron content, vertical ion dirft at the magnetic equator, probability of the occurrence of spread-F, and auroral boundaries. Contributions are encouraged that present comparisons of ground/space observations with IRI predictions highlighting the areas where improvements are needed. We welcome papers that report new modelling approaches to more accurately represent ionospheric parameters in IRI. Of particular interest are applications of the IRI model in scientific studies or operational environments. Topics of interest are also the Real-Time IRI and the extension of IRI into the plasmasphere.
Dieter Bilitza, David Themens (session conveners)

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