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Dear colleagues,

This is to kindly invite you to consider contributing to a Commission G
session on Radio Occultation at the next URSI General Assembly in Montreal,
Canada from 19th to 26th of August 2017. Please be aware that the deadline
for abstract submission is just remaining a few days to go - *January 30.*
The session description is given below.

A limited number of awards will be available to assist young scientists
from both developed and developing countries to attend URSI 2017 GASS.
There is also URSI 2017 GASS Student Paper Competition Award.

There are some other interesting sessions on demand. You can find more
information about the meeting and the submission process at

Looking forward to seeing at Montreal in August!

Best regards,

Babatunde Rabiu and Cesar Valladares

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*Commission G - "Radio Studies of Mid and Low Latitude Aeronomy"*

Conveners: Cesar Valladares, Babatunde Rabiu

The low-latitude ionosphere has long been considered a region that is
continuously forced by thermosphere tides and waves that are able to vary
the regional and global distribution of the plasma density and seed plasma
instabilities. Recently, the mid-latitude ionosphere has also been
identified as a region that has an unsettled character due to the
development of plasma instabilities (MSTIDs) and the high control that
prompt penetration electric fields and the disturbed dynamo exert on the
neutral wind and current system. We solicit presentations dealing with
recent advances on the stability, dynamics and the MIT coupling of the low
and/or mid latitude ionospheres using active or passive radio diagnostics
during quiet and disturbed magnetic conditions. We also seek presentations
that emphasize the importance of multiple-sensor measurements, regional
coverage, and continuous (24/7) operations. Presentations addressing
conjugate observations using networks of instruments, coordinated
distributed observatories, or others that combine ground- and
satellite-instrumentation are also welcome in this session. This session
will also discuss future plans in observing mid- and low-latitude aeronomy
with various radio instrumentation and planned coordinated radio

*Professor Babatunde Rabiu*

*Centre For Atmospheric Research,National Space Research and Development
Agency NASRDA *
*Kogi State University Campus, Anyigba, Kogi State, Nigeria*

*Alternate email: tunderabiu at yahoo.com <tunderabiu at yahoo.com>*
*Telephone: +234 8030705787*
*www.carnasrda.com <http://www.carnasrda.com/>; www.afgps.org

Headquarters Address:
National Space Research and Development Agency NASRDA
Km 17 Umaru Musa Y'Ar'dua Road (old Airport Road),
Abuja, Nigeria
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ORCID ID:-      https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2734-5389

Researchgate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/A_Rabiu

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