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ESA Swarm Call for Ideas for new data products and services

This announcement is to solicit ideas for new data products and services for the European Space Agency's Swarm constellation mission.

The three satellites, launched in late 2013, are currently measuring the best-ever multi-point survey of Earth's geomagnetic field and associated plasma environment.

This call is directed at enhancing the scientific return of Swarm during the remainder of its nominal mission, ending in March 2018, and potentially beyond.

The new concepts may be based on Swarm data only, and/or merged with data from other satellites or ground-based measurements that will enhance the scientific return of the mission.

A full updated description of the Swarm current data products is available on the Data Quality <https://earth.esa.int/web/guest/swarm/data-access/quality-of-swarm-l1b-l2cat2-products> page.

The selection and development of new Swarm data products and services is being carried out through a two-step process, beginning with this open call for ideas. As a second step, selected ideas will then be the basis for open Invitation(s) to Tender (ITT) for Implementation Contracts to support the development of each new product/service and possibly to sustain their operations.

Interested individuals or groups are encouraged to submit new Swarm product/service ideas by 1 July 2016, via email to Swarm_DISC_CallForIdeas at esa.int <mailto:Swarm_DISC_CallForIdeas at esa.int>. Proposals will be reviewed by the Swarm DISC Board of Representatives (SDBR) presently composed by representatives of the Swarm product algorithm providers. The SDBR will report the proposal assessment to the respective point of contact. Concepts may target, for example, the enhancement of an existing Swarm scientific product, the implementation of a web-service to generate new products, or the generation of validated products merging data from other satellites.

Please follow the proposal template <https://earth.esa.int/documents/10174/2511156/Swarm-CallForIdeas-Template> for submissions.

Following the review of the submitted ideas, the competitive selection ITT process and subsequent implementation of the contracts will be managed by the Swarm Data, Innovation and Science Cluster (Swarm DISC) - an ESA-funded consortium led by the Technical University of Denmark - under the supervision of ESA. As a rough order of magnitude, the budget of a contract may vary from one-half Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) to one FTE. Please note that the present call for ideas does not imply that a contract will necessarily be placed in the second step.

ITTs for Implementation Contracts are expected to be announced in September 2016, with relevant proposals due approximately one month thereafter. The implementation ITTs will only be open to ESA member states participating to EOEP.

Eventual new data products may become part of the Swarm data distribution, which is open and available to all. More information is available on the Data Access <https://earth.esa.int/web/guest/swarm/data-access> page.

Any further questions can be directed to Swarm_DISC_CallForIdeas at esa.int <mailto:Swarm_DISC_CallForIdeas at esa.int>.
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