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Dear colleagues,

We want to draw your attention to the following CEDAR session. The conveners invite the CEDAR community to attend this session and, if relevant to their work, to consider giving a presentation. If interested in giving a presentation, please email one of the conveners below.

Ionosphere-Thermosphere Interactions: Modeling and Observations

The multiple roles of atmospheric terrestrial weather in defining the thermospheric dynamics and in setting up the ionospheric electric wind dynamo are now recognized as critically important for the development of the next generation models of a fiduciary thermosphere and ionosphere. To this end, models of the whole atmosphere are now integrating ionosphere modules as interactive components. The importance of planetary waves, migrating and non-migrating tides, and gravity waves, and more generally the role of atmospheric weather in defining thermospheric and ionosphere variability from short-term to inter-annual time scales are topics of relevance for this session. Model simulations require observational validation and can help support interpretation of observations. Available and upcoming ground-based and satellite observations will be valuable for the validation and comparative studies, and we seek contributions that discuss long records of data -- as key indicators of several ionospheric coupling mechanisms (recombination chemistry and electrodynamics) and physical processes (climate change) over decadal time scales -- as well as short term variations.

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