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2016 Workshop:Joint Announcement

*The CEDAR-GEM Joint Meeting in Santa Fe, New Mexico, June 19-24, 2016*

Call to Propose Joint Workshops (due April 1st, 2016)

In 2016 the annual CEDAR (Coupling, Energetics, and Dynamics of Atmospheric
Regions) and GEM (Geospace Environment Modeling) workshops will be held as
a Joint Meeting in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In the interests of promoting
meaningful scientific interaction and collaboration in areas of common
interest significant portions of their scientific, student, poster, and
social programs were merged. A CEDAR-GEM joint planning committee has been
established to facilitate the coordination of the shared activities. The
members of the committee are listed at the end of this notice. Please
direct questions regarding the joint planning committee to any member.

The CEDAR and GEM meetings both conduct topical workshops that are focused
on particular research objectives. The traditions differ in that GEM
workshops are usually organized by the coordinators of empanelled Focus
Groups of several years duration while CEDAR workshops are proposed and
approved annually in the lead up to the meeting. With this notice we
encourage members of both communities to begin to develop and propose joint
workshops with GEM and CEDAR co-conveners.

The following links may be helpful.

http://aten.igpp.ucla.edu/gemwiki/index.php/GEM_Focus_Groups gives a
listing of the current GEM focus groups and their leaders.

gives a listing of CEDAR workshop themes and their conveners from the 2015

This cross-listing is not meant to be restrictive; attendees may propose
novel and promising themes for joint sessions. Research areas that do not
lend themselves to integration will be organized and conducted in the usual
way by the CEDAR and GEM organizing committees, where the CEDAR workshops
will use the same workshop form as the joint CEDAR-GEM workshops.

Joint and CEDAR workshops must be proposed by Friday, April 1st. We are
requesting that you provide justification for your proposed joint (or CEDAR
only) workshop, a brief description, and at least the beginning of a list
of conveners. Workshops will be accepted and scheduled probably in May.  In
order to propose a joint session or a CEDAR only session please complete
the form at


Looking forward to an exciting meeting in Santa Fe!


The CEDAR-GEM Joint Planning Committee members:



      Josh Semeter (chair CSSC) jls at bu.edu

      Kendra Greb (UCAR for CEDAR organization) kgreb at ucar.edu

      Yue Deng (CSSC) yuedeng at uta.edu

      Barbara Emery](ex-officio CSSC and UCAR, CEDAR organizer)
      emery at ucar.edu

      Astrid Maute (CSSC and CEDAR organizer) maute at ucar.edu

      Philip Erickson (CEDAR) pje at haystack.mit.edu


      Mike Wiltberger (chair GEM) wiltbemj at ucar.edu

      Bob Clauer (GEM organizer) rclauer at vt.edu

      Matina Gkioulidou (GEM) malamati.gkioulidou at jhuapl.edu

      Elizabeth MacDonald (GEM) elizabeth.a.macdonald at nasa.gov

      Shin Ohtani (GEM) shin.ohtani at jhuapl.edu

      Zhonghua Xu (GEM organizer) zxu77 at vt.edu
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