CEDAR email: Last call - Abstract submission, AOGS 2016 - ST41 section

Maksim Klimenko maksim.klimenko at mail.ru
Tue Feb 16 22:49:54 MST 2016

Dear Colleagues,
We are have a last chance invite you to submit abstracts to the ST41 Section “Equatorial and Middle Latitude Ionospheric Phenomena and their Relation with Manetosphere/Atmosphere-Ionosphere Coupling”. This Section  being organized at the AOGS 13th Annual Meeting that to be held in Beijing, China, 31 Jul to 5 Aug, 2016. Details of ST41 Section are given below. The deadline for abstract submission is 19 Feb 2016.
ST41 Section Description
The occurrence of equatorial spread-F,equatorial ionization anomaly (EIA), equatorial electrojet (EEJ) and the development of the multilayer structure at equatorial ionosphere as well as Sq-current system, night-time F region density enhancement and summer evening anomaly at mid-latitude present a strong day-to-day variability, mainly caused by the zonal electric field, thermospheric wind and wave actions (gravity waves, tides, planetary waves, TIDs and MSTIDs). Equatorial and middle latitude ionosphere strongly responds to magnetospheric and atmospheric events, as well as to disturbances in the high and sub-auroral thermosphere-ionosphere system. Recent multi-instrument and multi-site observations, as well as, theoretical and simulation investigations have advanced our understanding of these phenomena, both during geomagnetic quiet and disturbed periods. The objective of this symposium is to bring together experimentalists and theoreticians to survey the latest results, examine new ideas and concepts, to join forces of researchers in high-, mid-, and low-latitude ionosphere and to indicate important future directions in equatorial and low-latitude research.
List of Invited Speakers: Balan N., Liu Jing, Vafi Doumbia, Elvira Astafjeva, Takashi Kikuchi
Convener: Maxim Klimenko,  maksim.klimenko at mail.ru
Co-conveners: Biqiang Zhao, zbqjz at mail.iggcas.ac.cn, Paulo Fagundes,  fagundes at univap.br
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