CEDAR email: Reminder: AGU FM 2016 session: "Neutral metallic atom layers in the thermosphere 110–200 km, observations, origins and implications"

Jonathan Friedman jonathan at naic.edu
Wed Aug 3 09:05:02 MDT 2016

We invite you to submit an abstract to the AGU 2016 Fall meeting Session: Neutral metallic atom layers in the thermosphere 110–200 km, observations, origins and implications


Neutral metal atom layers have recently been observed by several groups in the thermosphere as high as 170 km. Past satellite data have shown metal ions above 200 km. These challenge our understanding of the thermosphere and metal atom sources. No existing theory can explain the observations of these high altitude metal layers. This session presents the following questions:

What is the source of the metal atoms and ions in the thermosphere above the “meteor zone”?

Are the atomic layers the result of recombination, deposition, transport, or some combination of these?

Given that these layers are not associated with any known “events”, either Space Weather or terrestrial, why then are the layers so rare and sporadic?

What additional research opportunities do they enable?

We invite presentations that can contribute to our understanding of these unusual layers, including observations, models, and discussion of the implications for future thermosphere research.

Section/Focus Group: SA

Session Number: SA016


Jonathan S. Friedman
SRI International Arecibo Observatory
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Shikha Raizada
SRI International Arecibo Observatory
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Jens Lautenbach
SRI International Arecibo Observatory
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