CEDAR email: AGU 2015 Session SA001: Ionosphere-Thermosphere Coupling at Low Latitudes: Recent Results

GENTILE, LOUISE C DR-03 USAF AFMC AFRL/RVBXP louise.gentile.1 at us.af.mil
Wed Jul 29 17:10:35 MDT 2015

To the CEDAR community,

We encourage you to submit an abstract and participate in AGU 2015 Fall Meeting Session 
SA001. Ionosphere-Thermosphere Coupling at Low Latitudes:  Recent Results 
Conveners: Cassandra G. Fesen, Louise C. Gentile and Patrick A. Roddy 
Session ID: 8503

The low latitude thermosphere / ionosphere is a dynamic region exhibiting variabilities on many temporal and spatial scales, many of which are due to perturbations and wave activity from the lower atmosphere.  Investigating these effects is complex and challenging due to the mutual coupling between neutral and plasma dynamics and electric fields, currents, and conductivities.  
The last five to ten years have seen an explosion in data acquisition, analysis, and modeling activities focused on this topic.  This session will present some of the recent advances in understanding the equatorial and low-latitude regions derived from both space and ground-based observations as well as modeling and simulation investigations.  Of particular interest are contributions in the areas of (1) topside/bottomside dynamics, (2) bottomside irregularities; (3) large-scale waves in the lower ionosphere; (4) neutral winds, a key driver of perturbations, and (5) integrative models.    

C/NOFS PI teams will present some of their recent lower altitude observations.  The C/NOFS apogee is now ~ 444 km and perigee is ~ 336 km.  As noted in the session description, we also encourage presentations reporting results from other satellites, ground-based networks and modeling studies.   

Thank you.
L. C. Gentile 
Air Force Research Laboratory 
Phone: 505-846-7526 

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