CEDAR email: SPA recipients of 2015 AGU-wide awards

Barbara Emery emery at ucar.edu
Wed Jul 29 14:37:11 MDT 2015

>From Barbara Emery (emery at ucar.edu)
Reprinted from SPA Newsletter 27 July 2015

David Sibeck reported as shown below on the SPA section recipients of 2015
AGU-wide awards in the 27 July 2015 SPA Section Newsletter.  These awards
are some of the awards open to members of the CEDAR community which are
listed at http://cedarweb.vsp.ucar.edu/wiki/index.php/Community:Awards

Congratulations to Paul Cassak, Rick Chappell, Holly Gilbert, and Andy Nagy!

1. SPA Section Recipients of AGU-Wide Awards
From: David Sibeck <david.g.sibeck at nasa.gov>

Please join me in congratulating the following SPA Section Recipients of
AGU Union Medals and Awards:

Ambassador Award:
C. Rick Chappell, Vanderbilt University

Athelstan Spilhaus Award
Holly Gilbert, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

John Adam Fleming Medal
Andrew Nagy, University of Michigan- Ann Arbor

James B. Macelwane Medal
Paul Cassak, West Virginia University

All will be recognized at our Fall AGU SPA reception.

David Sibeck
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