CEDAR email: 2015 Photo Contest Results

Lindsay Goodwin lindsaygoodw at gmail.com
Fri Jul 24 01:35:49 MDT 2015

Hello CEDAR Community!

As many of you know, there was a photo contest at this year's CEDAR
meeting. Here are the winners, along with a short description of the
winning photos:

*Category 1. Instruments and landmarks related to space physics*

*Winner:* Alan Liu:* Andes Lidar Observatory*
*Honorable Mention:* Cao Chen: *The McMurdo station in Antarctica*
*Honorable Mention:* Shunrong Zhang:* The Incoherent Scatter Radar at
Millstone Hill*

*Category 2. People of the CEDAR community*

*Winner:* Barbara Emery:*Poster judges: Diego Janches, Rick Doe, and Simon
Shepherd. *
*Honorable Mention:* Barbara Emery:* Mike Taylor with a bird in the
Pavilion poster room. *
*Honorable Mention:* Victoriya Forsythe:* Girls in space physics.*

*Category 3. CEDAR physics in action*

*Winner:* Jason Ahrns:* Miguel Larsen's MIST launch. *
*Honorable Mention:* Manbharat Singh Dhadly: *LIDAR with aurora.*
*Honorable Mention:* Jason Ahrns: *Sprites*

All of the entries are finally available for viewing on the CEDAR wiki (

Thank you to those who participated! This an amazing start to creating an
image repository for our community, and I hope we can continue expanding it.

Kind regards,

Lindsay Goodwin, Out-going Student Representative
Ph.D. Student
Institute of Space and Atmospheric Studies
Department of Physics and Engineering Physics
University of Saskatchewan
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