CEDAR email: '2015 Fall AGU for session SA017 on TIDs

Cesar Valladares cesar.valladares at bc.edu
Tue Jul 21 02:24:06 MDT 2015

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to send an abstract and participate in the
session SA017 on Mid-latitude TIDs and plasma structures: Their initiation
and conjugacy, to be held at the 2015 AGU Fall Meeting.

Mid-latitude TIDs and plasma structures: Their initiation and conjugacy

 *Session ID#: *8435

*Session Description:*

Nighttime MSTIDs have long been considered to be conjugate, exhibiting very
similar density patterns at both northern and southern magnetic
hemispheres.  However, continuous observations of mid-latitude plasma
structures in the American sector have shown that they do not always fully
map to the opposite hemisphere.  Low latitude plasma bubbles can reach mid
latitudes, not only during magnetically disturbed conditions, but also
during quiet epochs.  An observer placed at the boundary between low and
mid latitudes could conclude that all plasma structures at mid latitudes
are conjugate.  The availability of distributed observatories and the
advent of new satellite constellations make it possible to conduct
continuous and conjugate observations of these processes.  We look for
presentations aiming to provide answers to the questions on the initiation
and conjugacy of plasma structures and MSTIDs at low and mid latitudes and
discuss results of recent observations and modeling when views from both
hemispheres are available.

*Primary Convener:  Cesar E Valladares*, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA,
United States

*Convener:  Chaosong Huang*, Air Force Research Laboratory Kirtland AFB,
Kirtland AFB, NM, United States

With best regards

Cesar and Chaosong
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