CEDAR email: AGU Session SH006: Solar Spectral Irradiance: Measurements Models, and Proxies

Marty Snow Marty.Snow at lasp.colorado.edu
Thu Jul 2 14:57:32 MDT 2015

Dear Colleague,

Please consider submitting an abstract to SH006: Solar Spectral Irradiance: Measurements, Models, and Proxies
AGU abstract deadline is August 5th.  http://fallmeeting.agu.org/2015

Session Description:

We solicit contributions involving solar spectral irradiance measurements and models, including irradiance proxies. In addition to contributions using existing datasets, presentations on upcoming missions or data (re)analysis efforts will be welcome. There are several efforts underway to create long term irradiance composites, such as the European SOLID project, as well as teams recently created by the NASA Solar Irradiance Science Teams (SIST) opportunity. Therefore a session spanning the breadth of solar spectral irradiance science at AGU is timely.
Invited Presenters:

  *   Gary Chapman (CSUN) on improvements at the San Fernando Observatory
  *   Margit Haberreiter (PMOD) on the results of SOLID
  *   Odele Coddington (LASP) on solar irradiance climate data records
  *   Rodney Viereck (SWPC) on the solar irradiance observations at NOAA

Conveners: Martin Snow, Debi Choudhary, Janet Machol, and Tom Woods

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