CEDAR email: Undergraduate student internship opportunity and Space Weather Training at CCMC (NASA Goddard)

ZHENG, YIHUA (GSFC-6740) yihua.zheng at nasa.gov
Mon Feb 23 07:46:09 MST 2015

Undergraduate student internship opportunity and Space Weather Training at CCMC (NASA Goddard)

a. Undergraduate student internship opportunity (US citizenship required)

Descriptions of the internship opportunity can be found on NASA OSSI website, where interested students can/should apply.  


Project Title: Science of Space Weather and Forecasting of Space Weather

Deadline: March 1, 2015

b. Space Weather Summer Training Bootcamp (open to those who are interested)
I would like to draw your attention to our 3rd Space Weather Summer Training Bootcamp that is to take place during June 2 - 12, 2015. While the entire training is required for those undergraduates who’d like to be an independent space weather forecaster at CCMC/SWRC, mission operators, engineers, graduate student, researchers, teachers and others can also benefit from this multi-purpose training opportunity or part of it.  

The Space Weather REDI (Research, Education and Development Initiative) summer boot camp includes nearly two weeks of training, with the first week focusing on the fundamentals of space weather and the second week on intensive forecaster training. Anyone who is interested in developing a basic knowledge of space weather can benefit from this training, particularly during its first few days. While the training is open and free to everyone who is interested (those who can find their way to Goddard), early registration is encouraged. 

More details of the bootcamp can be found here.

Here is the registration link. 


Contact info: Dr. Yihua Zheng (yihua.zheng at nasa.gov)

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