CEDAR email: New documentary about the Northern Lights available on DVD.

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"The Northern Lights - a Magic Experience" - new documentary on DVD

A new and spectacular documentary about the Northern lights is now available on DVD. "The Northern Lights - a Magic Experience" - was originally made for  science museums/planetariums. This is the most complete story of the Northern lights and the DVD contains the following languages: English, Norwegian, German,  French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese. Both PAL and NTSC versions available.

The 25 minute documentary takes you on a breathtaking journey through space. By using pedagogic top-quality animations and spectacular solar imagery from NASA satellites it tells the full story of the northern lights from myth to science. The film is packed with interesting historical anecdotes and includes tips about how to take your own stunning aurora photos.

It includes some of the world’s best photography and time lapse sequences of the northern lights. The film also contains brand new - never seen before -  graphics and animations specially made for this documentary. In particular how the particles form the Sun run along Earths magnetic field - colliding with atoms - exciting them to emit light.

Bonus film: A five minute "relaxing"-film that includes very unique «real-time» video taken by the experienced photographer Ørjan Bertelsen (www.bertelsenfoto.no) using Sony's new super-sensitive camera equipment. The film also contains video from the Hurtigruten Cruiseline. Original music by composed by Herman Rundberg.

The documentary is produced by Pål Brekke,  an international recognized solar physicist and public outreach expert with many years at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (solarmax.no/Aurora/Home.html). 

Co-producer is award-winning aurora photographer Fredrik Broms (http://www.northernlightsphotography.no). 

The DVD can be obtained from:

For license options for science museums and Public Performance Rights (PPR) that allow screenings of DVDs for educational purposes please contact
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