CEDAR email: NASA Headquarters Heliophysics Visiting Scientist Positions Available

TALAAT, ELSAYED R. (HQ-DJ000) elsayed.r.talaat at nasa.gov
Wed Aug 5 12:11:47 MDT 2015

NASA's Science Mission Directorate (SMD) seeks one or more experienced scientists to fill visiting scientist positions within the Heliophysics Division at NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC. These are typically two-year positions, with possible extensions, filled by scientists who take leave from their home institution.

NASA’s Heliophysics Division implements flight missions and sponsors scientific research, both with the aim to understand, individually and as a system, the Sun, heliosphere, and space environments of the Earth and other planets, including space weather. Visiting scientists should have a broad understanding of the system science nature of Heliophysics, as well as one or more of the sub-disciplines. At this time there is particular interest in expertise related to the heliosphere, magnetosphere, and/or ionosphere/thermosphere/mesosphere, especially coupling between the sun-Earth-heliosphere as they form an interconnected system.

Visiting scientists participate in the management of the Heliophysics grants (ROSES) programs, the planning, development, and management of NASA missions, and long-range strategic planning. They serve as Discipline Scientists to develop research solicitations, conduct scientific peer reviews, and develop budgets and program plans for the recommendation of highly rated proposals. Visiting scientists serve as Program Scientists for NASA space missions, interacting with the science working groups and ensuring success of the missions. They play a leadership role in long-range strategic plans to define the future NASA heliophysics program. Visiting scientists are expected to demonstrate a high degree of initiative in the execution of the overall SMD science mission.

Applicants must have a Ph.D. or equivalent in heliophysics or related discipline, plus relevant experience in instrumental, observational, or theoretical research. They should be familiar with NASA grants programs, and be able to communicate effectively with the scientific community, educators, and the media. There are two pathways, IPA agreements and Details. Visiting scientists that are funded via an Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) agreement with their home institution require current employment with a US institution for at least 90 days prior to starting at NASA. Visiting scientist detailees are civil servants employed at a NASA center or another branch of the Federal Government. Only US citizens and Legal Permanent Residents are eligible to apply.

Positions are available beginning in October 2015, though the starting date is negotiable. Interested scientists should send a curriculum vitae and cover letter by August 15, 2015 to Aaluk Edwardson (aaluk.s.edwardson at nasa.gov<mailto:aaluk.s.edwardson at nasa.gov>). Please contact Jeffrey Newmark at 202-358-0684 or Jeffrey.newmark at nasa.gov<mailto:Jeffrey.newmark at nasa.gov> for answers to questions.

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