CEDAR email: AGU 2015 Session SA016: Medium- and Fine-Scale Ionospheric Structure

Miller, Ethan S. Ethan.Miller at jhuapl.edu
Wed Aug 5 07:43:43 MDT 2015

Dear Colleagues,

In case you are still trying to decide which session to put your AGU
abstract into, we cordially invite you to consider our session "SA016:
Medium- and Fine-Scale Ionospheric Structure.²

See you in San Francisco!


SA016: Medium- and Fine-Scale Ionospheric Structure
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Session ID#:  9111
Session Description:

Models that aim to parameterize processes with scales less than ~500 km
require detailed knowledge of the nature and origin of medium-scale
structures.  These sub-grid scale
structures appear at all latitudes and have significant impact to both
applied systems and scientific analyses.  We seek contributions describing
the origin and impact of medium or fine-scale ionospheric structure
through observations or simulations.  This includes: forcing
from above and/or below; coupling between altitude and latitude regimes;
turbulence and wave breaking; ground- and space-based measurements; plasma
instabilities; reports on the next generation of multi-resolution and
high-resolution models; and other related problems.
Primary Convener:  Ethan S Miller, Applied Physics Laboratory Johns
Hopkins, Laurel, MD, United States
Conveners:  Thomas Gaussiran II, University of Texas at Austin, Austin,
TX, United States, Cathryn N Mitchell, University of Bath, Bath, United
Kingdom and Gary Bust, John Hopkins University-Applied Physics Laboratory,
Laurel, MD, United States


* SM - SPA-Magnetospheric Physics

			Index Terms:
2435 Ionospheric disturbances
2437 Ionospheric dynamics
2439 Ionospheric irregularities
2447 Modeling and forecasting

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