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Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellowships  (AGS-PRF)

The next deadline for proposals to this program is coming up on February 10, 2014.

The solicitation can be found at:

Synopsis of Program:

The Division of Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences (AGS) offers 2-year Postdoctoral Research Fellowships (PRF) to provide opportunities for scientists early in their careers to obtain training beyond their graduate education. The AGS-PRF is intended to recognize beginning investigators of significant potential and provide them with research experiences that will broaden perspectives, facilitate interdisciplinary interactions and establish them in positions of leadership within the scientific community.

During the tenure of the Fellowships, participants must conduct research on topics supported by AGS. Projects may employ any combination of field, laboratory, and computational studies with observational, theoretical, or experimental approaches.

Fellows must affiliate with appropriate research institutions and are expected to devote themselves full time to the Fellowship activities during its term.

Some important eligibility criteria:

  *   AGS Postdoctoral Research Fellowships are awards to individuals; proposals are submitted directly by the fellowship candidate to NSF. Each candidate must identify one or more sponsoring scientist(s) and host institution(s) in the proposal. Activities supported by the AGS Fellowship program may be conducted at any appropriate U.S. or foreign host institution. Appropriate institutions include colleges and universities, private nonprofit institutes and museums, government installations and laboratories.

Applicants must:

  *   Be U.S. citizens (or nationals) or legally admitted permanent residents of the United States (i.e., have a "green card") at the time of application;
  *   Either currently be a graduate student, or have held a PhD degree in a scientific or engineering field for no more than 3 years prior to the award start date;
  *   Present research and education plans that fall within the purview of the Division of Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences at NSF (http://www.nsf.gov/div/index.jsp?div=ags);
  *   Not have submitted concurrently the same project to another NSF program.

For questions feel free to contact me.

Therese Moretto Jorgensen, PhD
Program Director, Space Weather Research

National Science Foundation
Division of Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences

Email:  tjorgens at nsf.gov<mailto:tjorgens at nsf.gov>
Phone: (703) 292-4729
Cell: (703) 655-4473

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