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Oppenheim, Meers M meerso at bu.edu
Thu Feb 6 07:16:33 MST 2014

Dear Colleagues in meteor science,

We invite you to attend the URSI General Assembly and Scientific Symposium in Beijing between 16 and 23 August 2014.
Full details are at http://www.chinaursigass.com/

Note the abstract deadline of 15 February 2014, and the early registration deadline of 14 May 2014.

GH03: The Geospace Environment and Meteors
Conveners: S. Close (G), Meers Oppenheim (H), Pellinen-Wannberg Asta
sigridc at stanford.edu<mailto:sigridc at stanford.edu>, meerso at bu.edu<mailto:meerso at bu.edu>, asta.pellinen-wannberg at irf.se<mailto:asta.pellinen-wannberg at irf.se>

This session will cover advances in the detection, interaction, and characterization of meteors
in the near-Earth space environment. Topics of interest include meteor detection, modeling of
meteoroid interactions with the atmosphere, and plasmas generated from hypervelocity impacts of both
meteoroids and orbital debris. This session will also address issues relating to global meteoroid flux,
their composition and density, the influence of meteors on E-region electrodynamics, and the
application of meteor measurements to characterize the atmosphere. Papers that examine the radio
science and plasma instability issues associated with meteors are encouraged.

See you in Beijing

Sigrid Close, Meers Oppenheim and Asta Pellinen-Wannberg


Meers Oppenheim

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