CEDAR email: 2014 USNC-URSI Nat'l Radio Science Meeting: (G/H/F) Global Navigation Systems and Radio Beacon Remote Sensing Session

Charles Carrano Charles.Carrano at bc.edu
Fri Sep 13 12:06:48 MDT 2013

We encourage you to submit abstracts for the */Global Navigation 
Satellite Systems and Radio Beacon Remote Sensing/* session at the U.S. 
National Committee meeting of URSI, January 8-11, 2014 in Boulder, CO.  
This session is jointly sponsored by Commissions F, G and H and will 
cover a wide range of topics.

We are planning to have a number of invited talks related to GNSS remote 
sensing of the disturbed atmosphere and ionosphere using innovative 
techniques: multi-constellation and multi-frequency analyses, inverse 
diffraction modeling, radio occultation, and reflectometry.The session 
is particularly relevant with upcoming enhancements to GNSS, new 
ground-based GPS and beacon networks, often fielded with other remote 
sensing measurements throughout the world and recent collaborative 
measurements using satellites such as COSMIC and C/NOFS.

The Deadline for submission is *September 23, 2013*.

General Information on the URSI meeting can be found at:


Abstracts can be submitted at:


Log in to the abstract submission web site, choose your Commission 
(either Commission for jointly organized Special Sessions), and look 
through the topic list for "*Global Navigation Satellite Systems and 
Radio Beacon Remote Sensing".Finally, we would like to remind you that 
when your abstract has been uploaded in the correct format, please 
change its status from "Draft" to "Submitted".You can still make changes 
until the abstract deadline.

Additional instructions for preparing abstracts can be found here:


We also strongly encourage you to have students submit abstracts and 
attend the meeting as well. There is travel support available for 
students presenting first author papers, as well as a student paper 
competition.  Finally, please pass this notice on to any of your 
colleagues who may be interested in presenting.


Charles Carrano, Valery Zavorotny, and Carl L Siefring

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