CEDAR email: Letter from the CSSC regarding NASA Heliophysics budget

David Hysell david.hysell at cornell.edu
Thu Sep 5 12:13:02 MDT 2013

The CEDAR Steering Committee has sent a letter to NASA headquarters 
regarding the projected budget for the Heliophysics program and the 
difficulty it poses for even partial completion of the recommendations 
made by the 2013 Decadal Survey for Solar and Space Physics. Those 
recommendations envisaged a coordinated, multi-agency approach to 
pursuing the nation's interests in the areas of space physics and space 
weather. Insufficient support for the approach on the part of a single 
agency undermines the entire effort, including  CEDAR science reliant 
upon NASA missions and explorers especially.

The letter is available under the CSSC Letters bullet at the URL:


The letter grew from concerns raised by our members after the 
Heliophysics program budget was presented at our summer workshop. The 
Steering Committee would appreciate community feedback about the letter, 
the future of the Heliophysics program, and its bearing on the NSF 
Geospace Sciences Strategic Plan, which is available for reading here:

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