CEDAR email: Important Update on NSF Aeronomy Program Director

Barbara Emery emery at ucar.edu
Wed Mar 27 12:20:10 MDT 2013

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Important Update on NSF Aeronomy Program Director.
 From Bob Robinson (rmrobins at nsf.gov).

Due to unfortunate and unexpected administrative/management issues at NSF, Dr. 
Anja Stromme’s  Intergovernment Personnel Act position as Program Director for 
Aeronomy has not been renewed.  She had been scheduled for a six-month 
extension, but she will now return to her home institution at the end of her 
first year.    Anja has been a tremendous addition to AGS and the Aeronomy 
Program.  The energy and enthusiasm with which she undertook her Program 
Director responsibilities will be greatly missed.   We ask your patience and 
understanding with the administration of Aeronomy proposals while we adjust to 
Anja's sudden return to SRI International.  As you might expect, it will be 
extremely difficult to fill the void left by her absence.  Please stay tuned for 
further information on the status of the Aeronomy program management.


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