CEDAR email: Call for paper presentation in IAGA2013 Assembly (Session 5.5)

Dr. S. Gurubaran gurubara at iigs.iigm.res.in
Mon Mar 25 07:45:14 MDT 2013

Dear colleagues,

At the forthcoming IAGA2013 Assembly (http://www.iaga2013.org.mx/) to be held at Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, during August 26-31, 2013, a new session titled 'The use of Geomagnetic observations in conjunction with lidar, radar and other measurements for ionospheric studies' (Symposium 5.5) from WG V-DAT will be organized. The session description is as follows. Papers on various aspects of magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling using magnetometer and radar arrays from high latitudes as well as those on atmosphere-ionosphere coupling with forcing of lower atmospheric origin are welcome.

Session Description 

5.5 The use of Geomagnetic observations in conjunction with lidar, radar and other measurements for ionospheric studies

An important aspect of ionospheric studies is the coupling provided by forcing from below apart from the forcing from above induced by space weather events. The quiet-time variabilities of ionosphere are primarily caused by atmospheric waves and tides that can explain the day-to-day variability of several ionospheric parameters. In recent years, satellite observations have focused on understanding the wave-4 signatures noticed in a variety of data sets, including geomagnetic field observations. When combined with other complementary observations from lidars and radars, greater use of ground and satellite magnetic field data in addressing the day-to-day variability of the ionosphere is envisaged. There has also been considerable interest in the recent past in understanding the ionospheric signatures of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, thunderstorms and cyclones/ typhoons though the mechanisms by which the disturbances propagate to ionosphere are still being debated. This session will focus on all aspects of atmosphere-ionosphere, lithosphere-ionosphere and magnetosphere-ionosphere-atmosphere coupling with emphasis on the role of geomagnetic, lidar, radar and barometric observations from ground and a variety of satellite data sets in addressing those aspects.

Conveners: Subramanian Gurubaran, Indian Institute of Geomagnetism, India (gurubara at iigs.iigm.res.in)

Akimasa Ieda, Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory, Nagoya University, Japan (ieda at stelab.nagoya-u.ac.jp), 
Jennifer L. Gannon, USGS Geomagnetism Program, USA (jgannon at usgs.gov)
Please take note of the following deadlines.

March 31, 2013: Grant application deadline (abstract submission is required)

April 13, 2013: Abstract submission deadline

April 30, 2013: Decision about grants

May 31, 2013: Reduced rate registration
With kind regards,

S Gurubaran
(on behalf of the conveners)
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