CEDAR email: Second call for the 6th VERSIM workshop

Craig Rodger craig.rodger at otago.ac.nz
Wed Jul 17 16:30:56 MDT 2013

** Second call for the 6th VERSIM workshop
20-23 January 2014, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand

Abstract submission and registrations are now open for the 6th VERSIM workshop 
which will take place in January next year in Dunedin, New Zealand. VERSIM 
(VLF/ELF Remote Sensing of the Ionosphere and Magnetosphere) is a joint working 
group of IAGA and URSI, made up of researchers interested in studying the 
behaviour of the magnetosphere and ionosphere by means of ELF (300 Hz - 3 kHz) 
and VLF (3-30 kHz) radio waves, both naturally and artificially generated.

The working group is broadly interested in ELF/VLF waves, whether they are used 
as remote sensing probes or affect other physical processes. The VERSIM working 
group topics typically include magnetosphere and plasmasphere studies, 
wave-particle interactions in the radiation belts, sub-ionospheric sensing of 
the D-region, lightning and sprites.

The 6th VERSIM workshop is sponsored by the International Union of Radio 
Science (URSI) Commission H and G, the International Association of 
Geomagnetism and Aeronomy (IAGA), and the University of Otago.


** Workshop website

** Important Dates and Deadlines
Early-bird registration fee closes 15 September 2013
Abstract submission closes 15 October 2013
Normal Registration closes 30 October 2013
Bookings for accommodation at Unicol Hall of Residence close 1 December 2013
Late Registration closes 15 December 2013 (note there will be no "on site" 
registration facility)

** Registration Fees
Early-bird registration fee is NZ$450
Normal registration fee is NZ$500
Late registration fee is NZ$650

Early Career researchers should be aged under 35 (in line with the definitions 
used by IAGA and URSI).
Student/Early Career researcher Early-bird and Normal registration fee is 
Student/Early Career researcher Late registration fee is NZ$450.

The fees above will include the Conference Dinner and Excursion, Lunches on 
each day of the Workshop, the Ice breaker function, as well as morning and 
afternoon teas.
For questions or requests for further information please email: 
versim14 at lists.otago.ac.nz.

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