CEDAR email: AGU Session on Solar Irradiance

Marty Snow Marty.Snow at lasp.colorado.edu
Tue Jul 9 07:48:03 MDT 2013

Fall AGU abstracts are due at the beginning of August (just a few weeks away).  Travel for NASA contracts may take additional paperwork this year, so you might want to plan ahead!  Please consider submitting an abstract to the following session:

GC055 Solar Irradiance: Observations, Proxies, and Models

We solicit contributions involving spectral and total solar irradiance records and their uses in climate studies. Updated data sets from longer duration measurements, new instruments, and improved ground calibrations are timely with the aging and changing spacecraft fleet. Proxies, such as the Magnesium II index, are essential for filling gaps in irradiance data, inter-instrument comparisons, and inputs to irradiance models. Recent updates to solar irradiance composites resulting from better instrument calibrations, refinements to inter-instrument comparisons, or new assessments of the long-term stabilities of irradiance records or proxies are invited. We also welcome comparisons to solar irradiance models and climate model results.

Conveners:  Martin Snow, Greg Kopp, Janet Machol, and Frank Eparvier

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