CEDAR email: Long-term trends in the middle and upper atmosphere and ionosphere: Call for papers

John Emmert john.emmert at nrl.navy.mil
Thu Jul 15 06:51:58 MDT 2010

Call for Papers for JGR Special Section "Long-term changes in the
stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, and ionosphere"

Submission acceptance begins 10 Sep 2010

Submission deadline is 19 Nov 2010


Guest Editors: John Emmert (john.emmert at nrl.navy.mil), Gufran Beig (beig
at tropmet.res.in)

Manuscripts are invited for a joint special section of JGR-Space Physics and
JGR-Atmospheres on trends in the middle and upper atmosphere and ionosphere.
Papers are welcome that apply all types of observational techniques to
determine the long-term changes and trends in the stratosphere, mesosphere,
thermosphere, and ionosphere, that have occurred in the past and also to
determine the processes behind those changes. Also solicited are
contributions which consider the availability, quality and acquisition of
various data sets which may be exploited for trend studies, and statistical
methods for deriving and validating those trends. Interpretation and
attribution of observational results depends heavily on theoretical models
and numerical simulations of the trends, and papers dealing with these
topics are particularly welcome. While the troposphere is not the main focus
of the special section, it is clear that it has a major role to play in
middle and upper atmosphere trends; papers that demonstrate this relevance
are also appropriate.

Manuscripts can be submitted either to JGR-Space Physics or JGR-Atmospheres,
via the GEMS website. If possible, please send tentative titles in advance
to john.emmert at nrl.navy.mil (this is not mandatory, but will help with
planning). For more information, please visit
http://www.hao.ucar.edu/TREND2010/JGRspecialSection.php or contact the guest


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