[Wrf-users] WRFVAR Verification packages

moudi pascal moudipascal at yahoo.fr
Wed Dec 28 07:44:57 MST 2011

Dear sir,
I am Cameroonian and i deal with WRFVAR as far as my ongoing Ph.D. is concerned.
I installed and run WRF and WRFVAR successfully.
I use GFS for initialization.
I use Prepbufr (ob.bufr and gpsro.bufr) and radiances data (airs.bufr, hirs.bufr ...) for the WRFVAR scheme (3D-Var).
 would like to use the provided verification packages in ../var/scripts 
(da_run_suite_verif_obs.ksh and da_verif_obs_plot.ksh). 
I have read the document WRFDA_tools.pdf, but i am unable to run it successfully.
since in don't have the ob.ascii file in my directories,
I would like  you to help me step by step to fill  files da_run_suite_verif_obs.ksh and da_verif_obs_plot.ksh.
I want to run verification against observation.

Please, help me.


Ph-D Student 
Laboratory of Environmental Modeling and Atmospheric Physics (LEMAP)
Department of Physics
Faculty of Science
University of Yaounde I, Cameroon 
National Advanced Training School for Technical Education,
Electricity Engineering, Douala

Tel:+237 75 32 58 52
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