[Wrf-users] Pseudo-Single Obs Test in WRFDA

Sean Crowell scrowell at ou.edu
Mon Dec 19 10:18:03 MST 2011

I discovered the magnitude was too small, and now I am getting nonzero  
increments.  However, the corresponding increment in U and V for a 4-8  
K increment in T is huge (like 100m/s).  Not sure how to proceed.

On Dec 19, 2011, at 10:51 AM, Sean Crowell wrote:

> I am using WRFDA and WRF-ARW version 3.3.1, and have generated a  
> background error covariance file be.dat for my specific season and  
> model grid, and am trying to determine if I need to tune, etc,  
> because the answers that I'm getting are quite unreasonable.  For  
> this purpose, I'm running a single observation test, and seem to get  
> reasonable values for wind observations.  However, when I try to put  
> in a temperature observation, I don't get any increment.  The  
> difference between the first guess and the analysis is zero.  Any  
> ideas?
> Sean

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