[Wrf-users] Help with Obs Nudging Crash

Chris Klich caklich at gmail.com
Sun Oct 30 13:30:56 MDT 2011

Hi all, I have recently been trying to use obs-nudging with my WRF run.  I
am currently running WRF-Chem version 3.2.1 due to a long-term project and
unable to upgrade to 3.3.

I currently have both upper air and surface data in little-r format
(separate however).  I convert these files into the proper naming format
for OBSGRID, run obsgrid and move the files to the /run directory,
concatenate all the OBS_DOMAIN files into OBS_DOMAIN101, and then run
real.exe and wrf.exe.  However, when OBSGRID runs, the output files are
every 3 hours, while my met_em files and observation files are every 6.
These 3 hour intermediate times (3, 9, 15, 21) are empty when the
OBS_DOMAIN and plotobs and qc files are outputted, while the normal
intervals of 0, 6, 12, 18 are several megabytes.  Even in this case, I had
tried concatenating all files to OBS_DOMAIN101 and running WRF.  However,
it seems the entire run finishes only when I use just upper air data
specifically.  When I run using just surface obs or concatenating surface
to upper air, the run crashes, and it seems at a very random time.  When
using just surface it crashed after about 12:49 into the run, while running
with the concatenated upper air/surface, it crashed after about 3 days,
12:49.  I can't seem to figure out what is causing this.  The end of my
rsl.error.0000 file looks like:

Timing for main (dt=135.00): time 2008-05-20_12:45:13 on domain   1:
1.08750 elapsed seconds.
Timing for main (dt=135.00): time 2008-05-20_12:47:28 on domain   1:
1.05240 elapsed seconds.
 OBS NUDGING: Reading new obs for time window TBACK =   12.125 TFORWD =
  for grid =  1
 OBS NUDGING:     1 previously read obs are now too old for the current
window a
 nd have been removed.
 ****** CALL IN4DOB AT KTAU =   326 AND XTIME =     767.48:  NSTA =      43
 ++++++CALL ERROB AT KTAU =   326 AND INEST =  1:  NSTA =    43 ++++++
  OBS NUDGING FOR IN,J,KTAU,XTIME,IVAR,IPL:  1 10   326   767.48  3  3
rindx= 5.
  OBS NUDGING FOR IN,J,KTAU,XTIME,IVAR,IPL:  1 10   326   767.48  4  4
rindx= 5.
  OBS NUDGING FOR IN,J,KTAU,XTIME,IVAR,IPL:  1 10   326   767.48  1  1
rindx= 5.
  OBS NUDGING FOR IN,J,KTAU,XTIME,IVAR,IPL:  1 10   326   767.48  2  2
rindx= 5.
Timing for main (dt=135.00): time 2008-05-20_12:49:43 on domain   1:
1.07960 elapsed seconds.
forrtl: error (78): process killed (SIGTERM)
Image              PC                Routine            Line
libc.so.6          00000033C34DD1E3  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
libopen-pal.so.0   00002B47160653DD  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
libopen-pal.so.0   00002B471606213D  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
libopen-pal.so.0   00002B471605555C  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
libmpi.so.0        00002B4715B43AA8  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
libmpi.so.0        00002B4715B721AC  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
wrf.exe            0000000001C64282  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
wrf.exe            0000000000F373F4  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
wrf.exe            00000000014F73B5  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
wrf.exe            0000000000E8EC4F  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
wrf.exe            0000000000D8DB6D  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
wrf.exe            000000000052ECDF  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
wrf.exe            00000000004BC733  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
wrf.exe            00000000004BC6E7  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
wrf.exe            00000000004BC67C  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
libc.so.6          00000033C341EC9D  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
wrf.exe            00000000004BC579  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown

In addition, when I use upper air data, I get thousands and thousands of
lines in my rsl.error.0000 file that read something like:

n=        9061 unknown ob of type FM-88 SATOB

Is this normal or is there an option I am missing where it will read these

Any help for either of these problems would be greatly appreciated as I
need to figure this out ASAP.

I've also attached both namelist.input and namelist.oa for any help that
may provide.

Thank you.

Christopher Klich
Graduate Student
Florida State University
(908) 208-9743
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