[Wrf-users] Which WRF input data set to use for Water Vapor Mixing Ratio @ 15 minute intervals?

Erik Carlsten ecarlste at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 16:29:10 MDT 2011

Hi everyone,

Up until now I have been using AWIP input data as input for running WRF to
determine Water Vapor Mixing Ratio at a given altitude above Bozeman, MT. We
are trying to compare these numbers with LIDAR data we are collecting. The
problems I am having currently is that the data set I am using is not
available until 2-4 weeks after it has been collected and also that the
lowest interval time I can specify when running WPS on my current data set
is 3 hours.

If at all possible I would like to find a data set that will allow me to
determine the Water Vapor Mixing Ratio that meets the following criteria (or
at least as close as possible):

1. Data which is sampled in 15-30 minute intervals
2. The data is available within 1 week of being sampled

If anyone has any ideas on data sets which will allow us to do this which
meet these requirements or are at least closer than my current solution or
could point me in the right direction about who to talk to about this, the
help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all,

Erik S. Carlsten              Cell: (406) 570-1547
EPS 116                        Lab: (406) 994-6145
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT 59717

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