[Wrf-users] OBSGRID: Surface observations for Surface FDDA

Guillermo Perez siemprelgas at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 00:39:53 MDT 2011


I'm a Spanish Chemical Engineering student.
I'm writting you because I'm trying to run OBSGRID but I have a doubt with
the ingestion of observational data.

As I understand in the manual, I have concatenated upper air observations
and surface observations in the same file (concretely NCEP ADP data for
both). I want to run it with FD4=.TRUE., and I set intf4d=3600.

Then when I run OBSGRID, it looks like the program doesn't process periods
00 06 12 18 for surface fdda, but does it only for 03 09 15 21.

My question is, Am I doing it right? do I have to copy the 00 file and
rename it with 03 so that the program can process it? In MM5 it was possible
to set surface observations apart from upper air ones and also the program
didn't need a file for each period of time, that's why I'm a bit confused.

Awainting your soonest reply

Thank You very much
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