[Wrf-users] Old GFS data for initialize WRF

Jorge Alejandro Arevalo Borquez jaareval at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 09:30:09 MDT 2011


I need to perform some simulations with WRF for past times, but it must be
under the same conditions of forecast. I mean in need to run WRF with GFS
data, FNL does not work for my study.  My problem is on get GFS 1 degree
forecast data for WRF on these times.

Does anyone of you know where can i get it? or does someone have it stored
and can share it with me?

I need at least daily forecast data up to 72 hours for the next dates:
from Novembre 12 to November 22 of 2004
from November 11 to November 21 of 2005
from November 01 to November 13 of 2006

Any help will be very apreciated


Jorge Arévalo Bórquez
Coordinador Lab. Modelación Atmosférica
Departamento de Meteorología
Universidad de Valparaíso, Chile
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