[Wrf-users] TKE and velocity perturbation output?

Anders A Nottrott anottrot at ucsd.edu
Thu Sep 1 14:13:05 MDT 2011

Hello All,


I am running some idealized LES cases for a convective ABL over a flat
surface.  I was wondering if it is possible to get the resolved scale TKE as
an output variable.  It seems to me that using km_opt=2 in the 'namelist'
should give the resolved TKE as an output, but I do not find it in my netcdf
output file.  I found the following in the ARW description document:

"Optionally, turbulent kinetic energy and any number of scalars such as
water vapor mixing ratio, rain/snow mixing ratio, cloud water/ice mixing
ratio, and chemical species and tracers."

Maybe this is only referring to the output obtained when using a PBL scheme?

Also is it possible to get information about the velocity perturbation as an
output (e.g. u', v', w' or maybe the second moment)? I believe that the U,
V, W output variables are the full velocities.  If I have to compute TKE and
velocity fluctuation in post processing then I will have a lot of output
data from the WRF run and post processing will be memory intensive.




Anders Nottrott

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