[Wrf-users] issue in 15 minute WRF-NMM output creation

Litta A J littaaj at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 23:14:08 MDT 2011

Dear sir,

I am trying to generate 15 minute WRF_NMM model output. WPPV3.2 module has
properly created the output (ie 15 minute interval).

I have concatenated the files and named as *all*. Then i have used
grib2ctl.pl command to generate ctl file.

I have edited the tdef line of  all.ctl as follows

*tdef 97 linear 00Z11jun2011 15mn *

I have also tried to edit tdef as follows
*tdef 97 linear 00:00Z**11jun2011 15mn *

Then i have used gribmap -i all.ctl.

Its properly plot the hourly data. But not 15 minute interval..

Can you please tell me, how to create 15 minute interval data from WRF model

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