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Dear Colleague,

EPRI and Air & Waste Management Associati on are o uture Air Quality 
Model Development Needs to be held on September 12 & 13, 2011 in 
Washington, DC. The agenda is as follows:
Keynote Speaker: John Seinfeld, California Institute of Technology

1. Homogeneous-Phase Chemistry
Ron Cohen, University of California Berkeley
Dick Derwe nt, Rdsc

2. Heterogeneous-Phase Chemistry (including Inorganic and Organic 
Aqueous-Phase Chemistry)
Hartmut Herrmann, Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research
Barbara Turpin, Rutgers University

3. Organic Particulate Matter: Formation and Aging of Secondary Organic 
Prakash Bhave, US Environmental Protection Agency
Allen Robinson, Carnegie Mellon University

4. Meteorological Processes Affecting Air Quality
Jerome Fast, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Leiming Zhang, Environment CanadaThis workshop is designed to bring 
together leading researchers from academia, government, and private 
institutions, industry, and other stakeholders to brainstorm on various 
model development needs and develop a comprehensive research agenda that 
can be used by the community to help guide research plans and promote 
collaboration among researchers. The focus of this two-day workshop is 
limited to the use of atmospheric models to support regional-scale air 
quality applications, such as forecasting or control strategy development.

On behalf of the steering committee, we would like to invite you to 
participate and contribute to the success of the workshop.

follow this link: 

Stuart McKeen
ESRL/NOAA, Boulder, CO
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