[Wrf-users] Ensemble run

Rudra Shrestha rudra.shrestha at postgrad.manchester.ac.uk
Thu Jun 2 06:37:31 MDT 2011

Dear users,
I want to make ensemble run to investigate effect of aerosol and
temperature on rainfall. I can make change in the aerosol by changing
variables in the microphysics scheme (e.g. Morrison scheme) but don't
have very good idea how to make change in the temperature. I tried to
change in the potential temperature ('TT' variable in met_em* file)
using 'ncsave' function in Matlab. However there are significant number
of files and it is really time consuming while changing in the
individual met_em files. So I was wondering if there are any standard
method to make ensemble run in the wrf or make change variables in the
met_em* file. I am using NCEP2 data. 

Any help would be highly appreciated. 

Many Thanks,

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