[Wrf-users] KF_ETA_PARA error

Hamed Sharifi hamed319 at yahoo.com
Sat May 14 05:10:58 MDT 2011

Dear Sir/Ma'am,
I have a problem with running wrf.exe. I used 3 telescoping grid but it got first me this error:
Flerchinger USEd in NEW version. Iterations= 10

I reduced time_step to 5 second and 3 sec; but the error occurred again.
I changed the "sf_sfclay_physics" to "1, 1, 1," . Then it went right and WRF right properly. But another error hit me:

78 NaN 5000.000

Also, when I want to see the SMOIS&SH2O with ncview, it got me this:
"min and max both 0 for variable SMOIS. I can check all data instead of subsampling if that's OK,
or just cancel viewing this variable."
when I click OK, it says:"min and max both 0 for variable SMOIS (checked all data) Setting range to (-1,1)"
 this message appears for other variables such as 
Why and when does this problem occur?
Could you please give me some help?
Thanks in advance,

Hamed Sharifi,
M.Sc Student, AUT Tehran/Iran |hamed319 at yahoo.com |
+98-9364024805 | hamed_sharifi at aut.ac.ir |
Hamed Sharifi,
M.Sc Student, AUT Tehran/Iran      |hamed319 at yahoo.com     | 
+98-9364024805                            |  hamed_sharifi at aut.ac.ir  |
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