[Wrf-users] PhD studentship, Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Martin stuefer at gi.alaska.edu
Mon Apr 18 17:30:18 MDT 2011

PhD studentship, 'WRF/Chem modeling of volcanic ash and SO2', University 
of Alaska Fairbanks.

Applicants are invited for a PhD position at the University of Alaska 
Fairbanks starting mid 2011 as part of our volcanic ash modeling 
efforts. The project aims at investigating the dispersion of volcanic 
ash in the atmosphere using WRF/Chem. A variety of volcanic eruption 
models are used to initialize WRF/Chem. The models will be verified 
using case studies worldwide with the specific purpose to provide 
improvements for the modeling basis of volcanic ash concentration 
calculations. Methods will include model inter-comparison and testing of 
satellite remote sensing algorithms; operational tools are developed to 
support volcanic ash advisory centers.

The successful candidate will have a strong background in geophysics 
with emphasis in atmospheric sciences and fluid dynamics. Excellent 
programming skills are required.

To apply, please contact professors Martin Stuefer, 
stuefer at gi.alaska.edu, or Peter Webley, pwebley at gi.alaska.edu.

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