[Wrf-users] cluster interconnect - Infiniband vs 10 gigabit ethernet

Zulauf, Michael Michael.Zulauf at iberdrolaren.com
Tue Apr 12 14:44:03 MDT 2011

Hi all - quick question.  Does anyone have data or experience comparing
the performance and scaling of WRF with cluster interconnects utilizing
10 gigabit ethernet (10GigE) vs Infiniband?

We're looking to expand and update our computing resources, and we'd
originally spec'd it with Infiniband.  The nodes will have either dual
quad- or hex-core Nehalem type processors.  There's been some IT
pushback, suggesting that we should go with 10GigE.  I don't have any
direct experience with 10GigE, but my experience with 1GigE shows that
Infiniband scales far better.

I've seen what I'd consider marketing material on the web that suggests
that 10GigE is comparable to Infiniband, but they don't specifically
mention WRF.  On the other hand, I've seen other sites that suggest an
Infiniband interconnect is far superior.  Again, these don't
specifically mention WRF.  I know the particular application in use is
critical when deciding these things, and that WRF is a pretty demanding
application when it comes to the interconnect.

My suspicion is that Infiniband is still significantly superior, but if
I'm going to be able to make any headway with IT, then I'll probably
need some type of numbers to back up my arguments.

Can anyone help?



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